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How to Join OTT Party with Friends

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Are you tired of watching movies and shows alone? Look no further than the OTT Party Chrome Extension, your ultimate streaming companion. This free online extension overhauls your redirection experience by allowing you to join virtual social events where you and your partners can watch streaming substance together on the web. Moreover, it's a shocking strategy for participating in your #1 shows or movies with partners, regardless of when you're miles isolated.

Step 1: Choose Your OTT Platform

First things first, select your preferred streaming platform. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Hotstar, and also Amazon Prime are all supported by OTT Party. Furthermore, one of the group-watching features is integrated into some platforms that provide exclusive content. These include Netflix and Disney+, is Telepathy, formerly known as Netflix Party.

Step 2: Extension Installation

To begin it, install the OTT Party Chrome Extension. It deals with different gadgets, including macOS, Chromebooks, and Windows computers and workstations, and it is viable with different internet browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Click the installation link provided to install the extension quickly in your browser.

Step 3: Pin the Extension

Once installed, pin the OTT Party extension to your browser's toolbar for easy access. Click on the "Extensions" icon at the top-right corner of your screen and pin the "OP" button.

Step 4: Visit the Streaming Website

Next, navigate to your chosen streaming service. Launch the platform and select the video you wish to watch with your friends.

Step 5: Create a Watch Party

To host an OTT Party:

1. Play the selected content and click the red "OP" button beside your browser's address bar.

2. Afterwards, click "Start a Party" to generate a unique watch party URL.

3. Further, share this link with your friends for a shared streaming experience. Select the "Only I have control" option if you prefer to control the playback.

Step 6: Join a Watch OTT Party

To join a party, click on the watch party link shared by your friend. This will redirect you to the virtual gathering where you can enjoy streaming together.

Step 7: Customize Your Experience

Personalize your watch party by choosing a unique nickname and avatar for your profile. Besides, this adds a personal touch to your streaming experience. Get Chrome Extension

Step 8: Engage in Live Chat

You can communicate with your friends in real time about the movie or show using the live chat feature. Overhaul the conversation with entertaining emojis to keep the perspective light and lovely.

Step 9: Control and Synchronization

However, as a host, you decide to control the substance's playback. The OTT Party extension gives a vivid encounter by guaranteeing that everybody's review experience is synchronized and of superior quality.


With Watch OTT Party, you're not just watching content; you're creating memories with friends and family, regardless of the distance. Also, this free-to-use extension is a cost-effective gateway to a new era of shared streaming experiences. So turn on your party mode, invite your friends to your OTT Watch Party, and dive into shared entertainment!

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

Q1. What is the OTT Party Chrome Extension?

The OTT Party Extension is a free online extension tool that lets you watch streaming content on the web with your companions. It makes a virtual social event where you can appreciate motion pictures and shows with companions, regardless of your area.

Q2. Which Streaming Platforms are Supported by the Watch OTT Party?

The real-time features of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime are totally upheld by Watch OTT Party. Moreover, you can choose your preferred platform to host or join watch parties.

Q3. How Can I Customize My OTT Party Experience?

You can customize your watch party insight by choosing an interesting epithet and symbol for your profile. Moreover, you can participate in progressive discussions utilizing the live visit element and even control playback, assuming you're the host. The extension ensures synchronized and high-definition streaming for all participants.

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